About us

We are proud of the food we provide; it's wholesome food for the whole family.

Fruitridge Enterprises is a producer of great porridge and mahewu meant for homes and food aid programs. Our mission has always been very simple; provide wholesome food that comes at a great price and exceptionally easy to prepare. We have continued to grow because we believe that we can always do better, just when our customers start thinking our porridge or mahewu cannot possibly taste better or become cheaper we surprise them again.

Our story began in March 1999 where we provided small farming and mining communities in Zimbabwe with beer powder. At that time we were only a small mill but we soon grew and diversified both in terms of product range and market reach. By 2001 we were supplying Corn-Soya Blend (CSB) on a large scale to food aid programs. To date we have successfully supplied CSB and Mahewu to a wide range of humanitarian efforts and we are proud of the part we have played in alleviating hunger and minimizing malnutrition.

We are proud of the role we have played in minimizing malnutrition.

Meet The Team

  • Jerry Eager

    Jerry is the company's Managing Director, Most of his recent efforts have been centered around improving distribution of Fruitridge's retail product range.

  • Oliver Tendai Chitambo

    Tendai is our Marketing Executive. He works mainly with bulk sales of Mahewu and Corn Soya Blend porridges to Non Governmental Organisations and commercial companies, and travels the country to inspect customer warehouses to ensure they are in an acceptable and hygienic condition for storage of our products

  • Nicky Kelder

    Nicky is the Accounts Manager. She is passionate about customer satisfaction and is actively involved in maintaining relationships with many of Fruitridge's clients


    Alphas is our Factory Production and Maintenance Supervisor and ensures that everything runs smoothly and on time.

About Us

We are manufacturers of porridge and mahewu in Zimbabwe.


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