Wholesome food for the whole family.

Our Products

The Wellways Product Range.

Wellways Overnight Mahewu

Every sip of our non-alcoholic overnight powdered mahewu will take you back to grandma's traditional brew.

Wellways Original Porridge

Rich in fibre and energy, Wellway's Original Porridge is a great start to an even better day.

Wellways Porridge (With Milk)

With the Wellway's porridge (with milk) eating wholesome food has never been easier; it's delicious, creamy and such a treat for the whole family.

We are proud of the great food we provide at really affordable prices.


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The Production Site

Consistency and quality are a priority, that is why we have developed infustructure to ensure that all processing is done in house.

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The Cereals

We insist on using home grown cereals from verified suppliers.

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The Production Line

From cereals to wholesome food the raw materials pass through a series value adding processes.

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Fruitridge; unforgettable experiences

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We create moments that matter; breakfasts that the whole family can look forward to and nourishing refreshment fit for the whole family.

About Us

We are manufacturers of porridge and mahewu in Zimbabwe.


Fruitridge Enterprises, (Private) Limited.
Harare Drive/Whites Way, Msasa
Harare, Zimbabwe
(04) 446539/446540/446543/446544.
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